COVID-19: projecting compassion through the barrier of PPE

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COVID-19: projecting compassion through the barrier of PPE

An opinion piece published in today's MJA Insight+ considers what will make for compassionate health care in such a time of crisis?

Author, Rachel Coghlan, a health professional, PhD candidate at the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, and a member of the Australian Palliative Care COVID-19 Working Group considers "the ways in which our health workers behave amidst our panic and fear of the future, whether those operating at the level of screening or those working with the seriously ill, will play a huge role in steering a course of kindness and integrity in crisis."

Her work focuses on the role of palliative care in humanitarian emergencies and crises such as wars, natural disasters and disease epidemics.

As reported in MJA Insight+,

"With expertise in addressing psychosocial and spiritual needs during times of crisis, palliative care teams have much to contribute in suggesting ways to improve human connectedness, supporting health workers to work compassionately through PPE, and helping health workers deal with stress and fear.

"'Small but potent' acts of compassion delivered through the barrier of isolation and PPE can help remind us of the preciousness of every human and ensure that we truly can all get through this together – this is true as much in Australia as it will be when COVID-19 strikes in Gaza."

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More information about the Australian COVID-19 Palliative Care Working Group and regular COVID-19 updates are available here.