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  1. Joseph’s Story
    12 October 2015

    Joseph’s Story

    Joseph Stewart loves music, people and nothing better than bouncing over the rough edges of his family property in Ballarat in his wheelchair. Like most seven year olds he is curious about the world around him and eager to explore it.

  2. Bassam’s Story
    11 October 2015

    Bassam’s Story

    Bassam shares his story about being diagnosed with terminal cancer and his experience with palliative care. After being told the cancer was incurable, Bassam tried different medical trials to ease his pain and discomfort with no luck.

  3. Marmaduke’s Story
    10 October 2015

    Marmaduke’s Story

    Marmaduke’s Story relates the palliative care journey of one family caring for their young son at home with the help of palliative care community support. Marmaduke’s story is inevitably very sad, as is every loss […]

  4. Kaye’s Story
    4 May 2015

    Kaye’s Story

    Kaye’s story provides an insight to her diagnosis of peritoneal mesothelioma and her experience with palliative care. Kaye received early intervention from the palliative care team and was able to receive emotional and physical support […]

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