Thurs@3 S2E1 – Building Derek's legacy

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Thurs@3 S2E1 – Building Derek's legacy

Thursdays at 3 is back for another round of conversations with people living and working at the end of life. 

In this episode we hear from someone who has experienced both through the death of her husband Derek in 2019 and today as the CEO of a charity shaping family friendly end of life options. 

Derek died in August of 2019 after a 23 month battle with aggressive brain cancer – he was just one month short of his 36th birthday. 

Click play to meet his wife Natasha Welsh and hear of their family's experience and the legacy Natasha is now helping to shape.   

You will find advice, tools, and support for ‘matters of life and death’ at the Palliative Care Australia website and to support Natasha and the vision she has for Derek’s Place click HERE. 

Natasha is also a member of PCA’s National Register of Palliative Care Consumers and Carers group, and can be engaged for advice through PCA.