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  1. Letter captures zest for life that dementia has stolen

    13 June 2017

    Richenda Rudman wrote a letter to residential aged care staff so they understood who her mother Denise was before dementia. It was a cathartic process which she hopes will remind busy staff of her mother’s humanity.

  2. Sue Pieters-Hawke shares how residential aged care enhanced Hazel’s quality of life and death

    23 May 2017

    Today, on the four-year anniversary of Hazel Hawke’s death, her daughter Sue Pieters-Hawke fondly remembers their final weeks together. Sue remains grateful that Hazel died in a residential aged care facility that understood dementia and provided good palliative care, both for her mother and those who loved her.

  3. Soul shines through in photos of residents with dementia

    11 December 2015

    A poignant photographic exhibition of residents who have dementia is adding life and soul to the walls of a residential aged care facility in Victoria.

  4. Community palliative care nurse highlights value of mentors

    27 November 2015

    As the care manager of a 120-bed aged care facility, Karin Woods, knows a great deal about palliative care. But when she was given the opportunity to have a specialist palliative care nurse mentor her staff for two weeks, she jumped at it. The experience proved so worthwhile, she wishes it was ongoing, and that a similar system could be set up to support aged care staff across the country.

  5. Beyond aromatherapy: what you need to know about me as I die

    9 November 2015

    Palliative care nurse Jeanette Liebelt has drafted a list of personal details for anyone caring for her at the end of life, so they will be better able to meet her personal needs and preferences, particularly if she has dementia. What would be on your list?

  6. 10 minutes with Nikki Johnston

    26 October 2015

    Palliative nurse practitioner Nikki Johnston worries that people with dementia are missing out on specialist palliative care.

  7. Palliative care expert to advise new Severe Behaviour Response Teams

    22 October 2015

    A leading palliative care expert will be among the key advisors to new Severe Behaviour Response Teams, designed to assist with symptom management in aged care residents with dementia who exhibit severe behaviour.

  8. New plan to get people with dementia to start planning earlier

    20 October 2015

    A new national research project will measure whether geriatricians can increase rates of advance care planning among people with dementia, soon after their diagnosis.

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