Last Wishes - The Afterlife Organiser

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Last Wishes - The Afterlife Organiser

“Have you ever lost a loved one and been left feeling completely overwhelmed and confused, wishing you had time to grieve but instead are left to organise belongings, funeral arrangements and accounts with very little information?”

Felicity Wegemund has been a registered nurse for over 25 years. Throughout her personal and work experiences, Felicity particularly noticed carers and families were not able to grieve the loss of a loved one due to the anxiety of decision making on behalf of the deceased. With a passion for palliative care, Felicity embraced the opportunity to develop a tool to help create a positive and less stressful journey for individuals and their loved ones towards the end of life.

Last Wishes, founded and created by Felicity, was released earlier this year as an afterlife organiser for individuals to record their end-of-life and after death wishes all in one place. The mobile application can store information to help loved ones make decisions on an individual’s behalf by recording wishes for possessions, preferred funeral arrangements, documentations and any other desired requests.

“Think of it as a filing cabinet with everything needed after death which includes what songs to play at your funeral, your own guest list, uploading photos, writing your own eulogy, organ donation wishes and uploading important documents.”

“The list is only limited by the amount of things the individual would like to organise before passing,” Ms Wegemund said.

All too often we see families rushed to get information from loved ones before they die or have had patients restless with unfinished business. The mobile application is designed specifically to be simple, light hearted, fun to use and thought provoking. Whether you are helping a family member answer the questions, or going through the application alone, all the information stored is confidential and only visible when a person is marked as ‘passed away’ by an authorised person.

“There are many things to organise between death and burial and many times people are caught up having to make important decisions while still reeling from the shock and or loss of their loved ones.

 “I am hoping the application will help alleviate the stress after someone dies and give loved ones the space to grieve and not have their memories marred by other issues,” Ms Wegemund said.

 To start documenting your end-of-life wishes today, download the Last Wishes application, create an account, select an authority, set up a friends and family contact list and start documenting your last wishes.

For more information about the application, visit the website, Facebook page or Instagram account. Last Wishes is available for download at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Manage your Last Wishes and be in charge of how people remember you.