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Launch of Self-Care Matters

PCA launched this new online self-care resource: Self-Care Matters during National Palliative Care Week 2020.

The resource has been authored and produced by well-respected self-care expert Dr Jason Mills, a nurse academic with a clinical background in palliative care and mental health. 

Self-care is caring for everybody. As a health professional, having a self-care plan can help you take time for yourself and the people you care about. This has a flow-on effect that allows you to take better care of your patients.  

Building a self-care plan can seem complicated. Dr Jason Mills has developed the Self-Care Matters, resource, a first of its kind self-care toolkit specially designed for self-care practice in the palliative care sector, which can help you build your own self-care plan.  

Dr Mills and palliative care nurse practitioner and PCA clinical advisor Kate Reed-Cox demonstrate here how to create an effective self-care plan and answer some questions received via the webinar. 

We hope you enjoy watching today’s webinar.

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