End-of-life Doulas and Palliative Care

Palliative care peak bodies from all Australian states and territories as well as Flinders University have developed these end-of-life doulas and palliative care resources.

People taking on the role of an end-of-life doula are emerging throughout Australia. As this is a relatively new role in the Australian context, Palliative Care Australia feels it is important to increase the community’s understanding of the role.

The factsheet below is designed to assist palliative care services and health professionals work with their patients and their end-of-life doula, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

To assist people experiencing a serious or life-limiting illness and their loved ones and carers, the below ‘questions to ask’ may be helpful when considering engaging an end-of-life doula.

Read and download:

End-of-Life Doulas and Palliative Care Factsheet Recommended questions to ask an End-of-life Doula