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National Panel of Palliative Care Consumers and Carers

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) is pleased to announce the establishment of a National Panel of consumers and carers to give voice to the lived experience of palliative care in Australia. The ultimate goal of the panel is to improve the quality of, and access to palliative care throughout the country. 

Talking about death and dying is difficult, especially when it is about someone you love and care for. Until now, PCA has not had a formal way of gaining and sharing the palliative care experiences of people receiving and providing care.  By establishing a panel of individuals, each with unique experiences with palliative care, we endeavour to build a collective body of knowledge and a way to share these experiences to inform, improve and guide the development of Australia’s palliative care policies and services. 

What is the National Panel:

The National Panel is team of palliative care consumers, carers and volunteers from across Australia. Panel members use their lived experience, knowledge of the palliative care sector and communication skills to advocate for the issues and concerns of palliative care consumers and carers.

The panel is designed to foster opportunities for consumers and carers to engage in palliative care health policy, service delivery and reform activities on a national level.

PCA is dedicated to instituting and managing the panel by best practice. To do so, PCA has adopted the principles of quality consumer and carer participation in developing this panel.


In palliative care policy contexts consumer and carer involvement has been shown to:

  • Demystify palliative care
  • Build public awareness of, and support for, palliative care services
  • Assist palliative care services to better understand and respond to the needs of consumers, especially under-served populations.

Learn more about the panel: Consumer and Carer Panel Factsheet


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