National Expert Advisory Panel

Palliative Care Australia continually strives to receive input from experts to advise our strategic and policy work. The PCA Board has convened a range of experts across backgrounds and disciplines to form a National Expert Advisory Panel (NEAP).

PCA will draw on the independent expertise of NEAP members for advice and input on issues affecting palliative care. NEAP members will be consulted for input on submissions and policy proposals.

This process will be in addition to our on-going consultation with our Members Organisations and representatives on the PCA register of consumers and carers. NEAP members will provide PCA with a diverse range of expertise to ensure PCA’s policy responses are robust and comprehensive.

This will help ensure our advocacy and responses to issues capture a wide breadth of knowledge and experience, all to work towards the PCA vision of quality palliative care for all who need it.

The current membership of NEAP is as follows:

  1. Andrew Allsop
  2. Dr Leanne Beagley
  3. Renae Beardmore
  4. Professor Rosemary Calder
  5. Daniel Coase
  6. Mark Cockayne
  7. Andrea Grindrod
  8. Chris Hall
  9. Dr Kim Hamrosi
  10. Cheryl Holmes
  11. Sushma Mathur
  12. Dr Lisa Miller
  13. Dr Deidre Morgan
  14. Donna Murray
  15. Associate Professor Moira O’Connor
  16. Dr Gabrielle O’Kane
  17. Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom
  18. Dr Linda Sheahan
  19. Dr Claudia Virdun
  20. Professor Ben White
  21. Professor Lindy Willmott

Palliative Care Australia Organisational Structure