Renowned Canadian researcher coming to Australia for 23OPCC!

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Renowned Canadian researcher coming to Australia for 23OPCC!

In the midst of Australia’s response to the COVID pandemic, the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference (OPCC) in 2021 was presented online. For the 1,200 delegates who attended it was a welcome moment of community, connection, and collaboration in uncertain times. 

One of the highlights in 2021 was the keynote address given by Canadian based oncology researcher, Dr Hsien Seow, Associate Professor. 

In 2023, he’s back by popular demand but this time face to face at the Sydney International Convention Centre.  

What OPCC delegates said about Hsien Seow in 2021: 

“That was very inspiring content and your presentation style and slides are also excellent!” 

“Your Mum would be so very proud of you. What an inspiring, beautiful human, hopefully see you in person in 2023.” 

“The importance of communication and truly person centred care - these resources will assist primary and generalist care gain confidence to start and continue conversations and planning with clients and families.” 

“Wonderfully inspiring! Thank you so much Hsien. This will be enormously helpful!” 

At 23OPCC, Hsien’s message is even louder. 

“Let's make pall care not about DEATH but about living well, and that CAN be done early in the diagnosis of a serious illness,” he says. 

To this day, Hsien’s work is inspired by his own lived experience. Hsien was six when his mother, Suat-Tein, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died four years later. 

“I remember how sick she was but we never, ever had a conversation with doctors about what the future would look like and how much time we had,” he says 

“The words palliative care never came up, or planning for the possibility she would leave us. So, when it happened it was devastating.” 

As the Research Chair in Palliative Care and Health System Innovation at McMaster University, Canada, Hsien is focused on innovating the palliative care health system and improving quality of care.  

His time in Australia for 23OPCC also coincides with the release of his book ‘Hope for the best plan for the rest’. Co-authored with Dr Sammy Winemaker, the book is a guide for patients and families facing a life-changing diagnosis. It walks the reader through seven skills for a better illness experience. 

In the meantime, you can dive into Hsien’s wisdom via his long running podcast series The Waiting Room Revolution – season six is rolling out now. 

The theme of 23OPCC; 'With the end in mind – shaping stronger health systems, delivering quality palliative care', acknowledges that our health systems are under strain, and people are experiencing burnout – 23OPCC is part of the solution and Hsien Seow is the perfect partner in that work. 

Early bird registrations are now open for 23OPCC , it’s your cheapest ticket to 3 days of invigorating conversations, dynamic learning, and valuable networking. 

At $1,110 (plus GST) you will save over $300 on the full cost of registration, but you only have a limited time to book your place at that price. As a special offer, the first 100 delegates to register will go into a draw to win back their registration fee. 

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