Primary health and aged care urged to complete palliative care workforce survey

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Primary health and aged care urged to complete palliative care workforce survey

Those working in primary health and aged care, including GPs, nurses, and practice managers, are being urged to lend their voice to a landmark national survey that seeks to increase access to palliative care.

Launched six weeks ago, the ‘Survey of the National Palliative Care Workforce Across Health and Aged Care Settings’ has had an overwhelming response with around 1000 surveys completed so far.

“Clearly those who value and see the growing demand for palliative care have important views to contribute,” says Camilla Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, Palliative Care Australia (PCA).

“Those working in specialist palliative care have responded strongly, and we are very grateful for the insights they have shared, but we also need to hear from those working in GP clinics, community health centres, allied health, and aged care.

“The primary health and aged care sectors are key to meeting the growing need for palliative care as our population ages – we want to hear about the barriers and opportunities in rising to that challenge so that we can present solutions to governments at a state and federal level.”

Of the almost 1000 surveys completed so far:

  • 11% come from the primary health sector.
  • 16% come from the aged care sector.
  • 6% come from palliative care volunteers.

On average people are spending about 20 minutes responding to the tailored questions, with many concluding by saying “thank you for asking”.

Anyone delivering palliative care in any health setting is encouraged to complete the online survey – but we also want to hear from those who want to be delivering  palliative care but feel held back or restricted.

“What are the barriers within primary health and aged care that stop GPs, nurses, allied health, and support staff delivering palliative care during a critical phase of life?” Ms Rowland says.

The survey will stay open until a statistically valid number of responses have been received from across the country.

“But given there is a federal election due at any time between now and early 2025, we are keen to collect and analyse the data ASAP so that we can be ready to help shape election policy and priorities,” Ms Rowland says.

“We want to make sure that palliative care is at the centre of the next round of health and aged care reforms.”

Palliative Care Australia and our members around Australia are grateful to everyone who has completed the survey to date, but we need to fill key data gaps with more responses from those working in primary health, aged care, and volunteering roles.

You can complete the survey HERE.

 It is important for you to know that the information you provide in the survey is completely confidential. Your identity and the place you work is not captured, recorded, or stored in anyway. It’s important to us that you feel free to express yourself in the interests of those you care for and those you work with.