PCA lodges submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission 

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PCA lodges submission to the Aged Care Royal Commission 

PCA has continued its engagement with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, lodging a detailed submission earlier this week.

This submission builds on PCAs previous engagement which included an Issues Overview provided in May and the appearance of PCA Board Chair, Dr Jane Fischer, as an expert witness on a panel focussed on palliative care during the person-centred care hearings held in Perth in June.

This submission was developed with input from PCA Member Organisations and Affiliates, as well as feedback provided from other key stakeholders including people who were willing to share their experiences of palliative care in aged care.

The 26 recommendations set out under the domains of Whole of Government; Workforce; Community awareness and mobilisation; Research, data and advances in technology; Best practice and innovative models; Funding models; Grief and bereavement; and Access to medicines are underpinned by the requirement that:

  • Palliative care should be core business for aged care.
  • Aged care policy should align with the World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of palliative care.
  • Palliative care should not be restricted to ‘end of life’ or last days or weeks of life.

Each of the recommendations are also linked to the seven goals of the National Palliative Care Strategy 2018.

A copy of PCAs submission is available to download here

PCA will continue its engagement with the Royal Commission, preparing a response to the Interim Report.