Liberal Party promises $3.25 million funding for paediatric palliative care

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Liberal Party promises $3.25 million funding for paediatric palliative care

Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and Paediatric Palliative Care Australia and New Zealand (PaPCANZ) welcomes the election commitment from the Liberal Party to increase funding to the paediatric palliative care sector should they win the election.

Announced today by Minister for Health Greg Hunt, the $3.25 million promised will support PCA and PaPCANZ to develop a national paediatric palliative care action plan.

“Since launching our paediatric palliative care resources in 2018, Minister Hunt has been very supportive of our work in this area. We’re delighted that this commitment will build on the need for a national approach to provide information and support to children living with a life-limiting illness and their families, communities and health care providers,” said PCA Board Chair Dr Jane Fischer.

“We are especially pleased that the election commitment includes funding for research into the paediatric palliative care sector, so we can obtain a real picture of the children who require support and the evidence based care they will need throughout their lives to better inform health and disability systems and service delivery,” said Dr Fischer.

PaPCANZ Chair Sara Fleming says the funding would enable PaPCANZ to support parents and health professionals to provide family centred care across services and settings.

“PaPCANZ was created by a group of clinicians across Australia and New Zealand working in paediatric palliative care, with a goal to be a central point for information, support and development for health professionals and families. To date, PaPCANZ has been ‘staffed’ in voluntary time so we’re pleased that this funding would enable us to dedicate resources towards this goal,” said Ms Fleming.

“We know that parents and carers of children living with a life-limiting illness are looking for information about how to best care for their child. Likewise we know that the health care and disability providers needs specialised education and support to ensure best care.

“By developing consistent and clinically informed resources, parents and carers will be empowered to better support their child during their illness and also as they approach the end of life.

“Palliative care for children with a life-limiting illness is an active and total approach to care. From the time of diagnosis until death, and beyond into bereavement, palliative care includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual care.

“Palliative care focuses on improving quality of life for the child, managing symptoms, and providing support for the whole family. Some children receive palliative care for a short time, while others may receive palliative care for many years,” said Ms Fleming.

Liberal Party promises $3.25 million for paediatric palliative care