Good summer listening from Palliative Care Australia 

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Good summer listening from Palliative Care Australia

📷: Spotify playlist

Palliative Care Australia has produced two playlists on Spotify to help support your plans for summer whether you are working through the holidays or taking a break.  

Our Thursdays@3 podcast series featured some great conversations during 2023 with people living and working at the end of life; for those travelling, on a meal break at work, or just looking to catch up, we have pulled together the 10 most popular conversations, including: 

  • Canadian researcher, Dr Hsien Seow 
  • Nurse Practitioner, Juliane Samara 
  • Palliative care specialist, Dr Jo Doran 
  • Aboriginal Health Worker, Tanya Quinn 
  • Kenyan born Registered Nurse, Josphine Lokai 

Click PLAY and join us as we open the conversation on the last taboo - death and dying.  

Whether you're someone who works in palliative care, have a loved one in palliative care, dealing with grief, or if you're the one living with a life-limiting illness, our hope is that these people and conversations provide comfort, companionship, and knowledge. 

Thursdays@3 will be back with a new series in early 2024. 

Our second playlist for summer will make you smile, stir some memories, help you plan, and perhaps bring a tear to your eye. 

During 2023 we asked people to share their favourite funeral song with us, the result is a playlist of 80 songs featuring Paul Kelly, Coolio, Stevie Wonder, Florence and the Machine, U2 and many more. 

Click PLAY, for five hours of listening, featuring songs collected at the 2023 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference and via PCA’s social media channels. 

These songs capture a range of feelings and thoughts and will no doubt prompt memories of loved ones who have died but will also get you thinking about what you want your funeral to look like.  

End of life planning is very empowering, PCA has a range of free tools to help with that thinking – HERE. 

Happy listening this summer with Palliative Care Australia!