Care at home a focus for seasonal donations

As we reflect on 2023, thoughts of the need we seek to address in 2024 quickly follows.

“With the support of many and varied partners, Palliative Care Australia (PCA) has been able to inject our voice and ideas into the health, aged care, and disability reforms underway,” says Camilla Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, PCA.

In 2023, our work has had an impact:

  • Delivery of Australia’s first Paediatric Palliative Care National Action Plan.
  • Ensured palliative care is included in the new National Aged Care Standards.
  • Advanced the needs of people with a disability at the end of life.
  • Developed palliative care skills within primary health.
  • Raised awareness around end of life planning.
  • Minimised the impacts of medicine shortages.

In 2024 we take that further, with a focus on the delivery of in-home supports and services as part of the government’s ongoing care reform agenda.

“When we talk to Australians about what they want the end of their life to look like, most speak of being at home, surrounded by people they love,” Ms Rowland says.

“And remembering that idea of ‘home’ is as broad and as unique as our community – especially when you consider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and Australia's rich multicultural background.

“However, for many people basic in-home living supports don’t exist or are hard and expensive to access and so people end up in hospital, often isolated from the people and place they love, in order to access basic care.

“It’s often not what people want for the last chapter of their life, and it puts unnecessary pressure on our stretched hospital system.

Your donation at this point in time, will help us raise $60,000 to deliver a campaign that makes it clear to government that in-home supports for people with a life-limiting illness are central to the quality of life Australians seek at the end of life.

“And with that campaign comes the ideas and advice of PCA and members in every state and territory about how to achieve that.”

Donations that support PCA’s campaign in 2024 can be made via our online portal, with donations over $2 being tax deductible, click HERE to contribute what you can.

“PCA made great progress in 2023 with limited resources and we make an appeal for donations during the season of giving and the season of coming together at home, hoping to have an even greater impact in 2024,” Ms Rowland says.

“We are so grateful and respect the value of every donation we receive, thank you for your consideration.”