A big thank you to Sarah Richards for her contributions to PCA

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A big thank you to Sarah Richards for her contributions to PCA

Sarah Richards (and her best friend)

Sarah Richards has finished up on the Palliative Care Australia Board after three years of service.

“Sarah’s skills as a practising accountant and her cultural background as a Ngiyampaa woman have been invaluable to the Board and PCA more broadly as we advocate for increased palliative care funding and better access to services,” say Camilla Rowland, CEO, Palliative Care Australia.

“I want to thank Sarah for her contribution and wish her well for the future.”

Reflecting on her time as a PCA Director Sarah says it’s been a rewarding experience, “thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the PCA family and I look forward to continuing to support PCA’s efforts where I can.”

“Palliative care can be a daunting aspect of the end of life journey, however, it provides an opportunity for people to improve their quality of life so that time with their loved ones can be as comfortable as possible.

“My focus will be on spending more time with my 6-month old who is growing way too fast, finishing my Executive MBA and building my business that enables me the flexibility to be present for those precious moments in my daughter's growth journey.”

Asked what she would do if she was Health Minister, Sarah says “increase funding for more place-based care, for example in rural and remote areas, so that people can have the option to spend their end of life journey where and how they wish.”

Keen to play a role on the PCA Board? Nominations will open later this month, keep an eye on PCA newsletters, socials, and website for more info.