Thursdays@3 S4 | Ep 1: “They’re not set up to help you die” – Jean Kittson

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Thursdays@3 S4 | Ep 1: “They’re not set up to help you die” – Jean Kittson

Welcome to Thursdays@3 our regular series of conversations with people living and working at the end of life. 

A real treat today – a face, voice and talent you will be very familiar with, a performer and writer who has occupied treasured space on stage, TV, radio, coffee tables and book shelves – for decades, the one and only Jean Kittson! 

What you might not realise is that when it comes to aging, dying, and death – Jean has skin in the game, as a carer for your parents, as the author of a practical guide to having ageing parents, and as the patron of Palliative Care Nurses Australia. 

And sadly, through the recent death of her mum and dad – Elaine and Roy, an experience that has left her traumatised and feeling like the system let her family down. 

Click play to join the conversation. You can also listen to the episode on Spotify.

More information and show notes:  

  • Jean’s website, where you can purchase her book ‘We Need to Talk about Mum & Dad – a practical guide to parenting aging parents’ - HERE 
  • Palliative Care Nurses Australia, conference registration and info - HERE 
  • Katie Rose Cottage Hospice, Noosa - HERE 

Thank you to you for tuning into Thursdays@3 and engaging in ‘matters of life and death’.