Thurs@3 S1E3 – Palliative care in a war zone

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Thurs@3 S1E3 – Palliative care in a war zone

In this episode meet Victorian based palliative care physiotherapist and researcher – Rachel Coghlan.

In reflecting on her work as a physio in palliative care, Rachel talks about supporting people to get outside and walk, garden, breath fresh air, and keep fulfilling their life goals as they face death. She says, “How I get them there is physiotherapy, why I get them there is palliative care.”

Through the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership at Deakin University, Rachel is also exploring the delivery of palliative care during times of emergency and crises, with a focus on communities experiencing armed conflict. She has just returned from war torn Gaza in the Middle East as part of her PhD studies and seen the power of community first hand.

Hit play to get a better understanding of the wisdom and work of Rachel Coghlan.

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