Embedding palliative care in aged care: A roadmap for success

Palliative Care Australia hosted the Parliamentary Friends of Palliative Care event, ‘Embedding palliative care in aged care: A roadmap for success’,  on Thursday 17 March 2022.

This event was introduced by the Co-Convenors of the Parliamentary Friendship Group, Senator Catryna Bilyk and the Hon Nola Marino MP, and hosted by Di Darmody, presenter, MC, journalist, and broadcaster.

Following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommendation that palliative care is core business in aged care, this event explores how to meaningfully identify and progress measures that will successfully embed palliative care in aged care.

The demand for palliative care is increasing, with the estimated demand in Australia expected to increase by 50% between now and 2035, and double by 2050. The population is growing and ageing, and many people will be diagnosed with chronic illnesses, which will further increase the need and demand for palliative care in Australia.

The pandemic has increased pressure on the health sector more generally, while its impact on the Aged Care Sector has been particularly severe; a heavy burden that continues to negatively impact on the delivery of services and care to Australia’s elderly population.

Against this backdrop, and ahead of the Federal Election, PCA has developed a Roadmap to meet this burgeoning need for palliative care in Australia. PCA introduced the Palliative Care Australia Roadmap 2022-2027 – particularly as it pertains to Aged Care – at this event.

This online event featured leaders from the palliative care and aged care sectors and focused on how to progress measures to embed palliative care into aged care successfully following the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care. 

The informative session explores innovative pilot programs currently in place that are proving valuable in creating better care for older persons and their families. In addition, it demonstrates the advantages of investment in palliative care in an aged-care setting. 

Watch the Parliamentary Friends of Palliative Care event, ‘Embedding palliative care in aged care: A roadmap for success’ event here:

During the event, PCA launched the National Palliative Care Standards for All Health Professionals and Aged Care Services: for professionals not working in Specialist Palliative Care. These Standards are intended to guide health providers to deliver high-quality palliative care in a wide range of settings (in services outside of specialist palliative care services).


At the 2022 Federal Election and beyond, PCA is asking political parties to commit to adequate investment in palliative care to meet the rapidly rising demand. PCA offers its Roadmap and Federal Election Statement to guide decision-makers in the direction that Australia needs to take from now till 2027 to ensure high-quality palliative care for all who need it, where and when they need it.