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From Palliative Care Australia Palliative Matters Stories about living, dying and Palliative Care

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  1. Lisa Herbert is dying to talk

    14 September 2016

    ABC rural reporter Lisa Herbert is the author of The Bottom Drawer Book: The After Death Action Plan. When she dies she wants to look dead, so she doesn’t want her lips sewn together, or anything done to keep her eyes closed. She also doesn’t want money wasted on a coffin, made from a once-glorious tree.

  2. Maggie Beer is dying to talk

    27 May 2016

    One of Australia’s most loved cooks, Maggie Beer, shares her end-of-life wishes, which include symbolic plantings of her favourite trees.

  3. New step-by-step guide supports discussion of end-of-life wishes

    25 May 2016

    Today Health Minister Sussan Ley launched a new guide which will support people to discuss death, dying and their end-of-life wishes.

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