Response to the strategic plan for the nurse practitioner workforce

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Response to the strategic plan for the nurse practitioner workforce

This submission responds to the Department of Health and Aged Care’s Increasing access to health and aged care: A strategic plan for the nurse practitioner workforce - Consultation Draft.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) provide access to timely care that is holistic, cost effective and delivers good outcomes for patients. NPs are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable health professionals and all communities across Australia would benefit from access to NPs. Palliative care NPs are a highly valuable and important part of the palliative care workforce and an important factor in addressing the growing palliative care needs of Australians. Palliative care NPs in both specialist palliative care services and primary healthcare support palliative care patients across the lifespan, from paediatric to ageing adults. Palliative care NPs provide effective outcomes, including reducing unnecessary hospitalisations and emergency out of hours care and importantly, assist people to die in their place of choice. Palliative Care NPs need appropriate resourcing and support to enable optimal care to people who are palliative. They can be further supported through further reform in aged care, trialling a blended payment systems model and health sector awareness of the role and work of NPs.

Nurse Practitioner Strategic Plan PCA Response 2023

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