The Wicking Trust

The J.O. & J.R. Wicking Trust was established in 2002 and is one of Australia’s most significant charitable trusts distributing grants to people, programs and research that significantly improve the quality of life and death for older Australians.

Since 2019, Palliative Care Australia has partnered with the La Trobe University Public Health Palliative Care Unit in its Wicking Trust projects to connect our respective expertise and networks, and to strengthen approaches that build capability and sustainability for end-of-life leadership in Australia.

The Healthy End of Life Program (HELP) is our main collaboration. The program provides a framework to support those receiving palliative care, or at end-of-life, and their carers to draw on their existing social networks, skills and resources for meaningful assistance with everyday life in the community.

By taking this public health approach, HELP contributes to an integrated end-of-life care system, enhances the social and cultural dimensions of dying, death and bereavement and then links these with the medical dimensions required for quality care.

Thank you The J.O. & J.R. Wicking Trust.