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Cast your vote to help determine worthy winner of online art competition

Many Hands Make a Work of Light by Kylee Hoffman

Click to the side of the image above to see all of this year’s entries.

Voting has opened to determine which of 46 artists will win this year’s People’s Choice award in Palliative Care Australia’s online art competition.

The entries, which can all be viewed here, include objects, photographs and paintings, each with a short explanation of how the piece fits with the theme Connection With Community.

The People’s Choice winner will receive $1000 prize money.

Entries this year include a painting on coarse hessian by Elizabeth Bennett, titled ‘Grandpa in June’. It is a tribute to contribution her grandfather and the contribution he made to people throughout his life, having lived through less affluent times, many of whom came to visit as his failing health spread.

Artist Hannedora has entered a small macramé, photographed with its shadow, titled ‘Bonds’. The piece is a reflection on working in aged care; its strings, knots and ties highlighting the many connections that affect wellbeing, and the shadow representing the larger network of encounters associated with caring which Hannedora says are often forgotten.

Kerrie Marriott Anderson’s painting, titled ‘A Light Touch’, captures the isolation that can occur when living with a terminal illness and grief. She describes it as living in a bubble, “an invisible barrier that can offer protection but can also keep emotion, conversation, support and even love from being shared”.

This year’s entries also include a dress which is made from used tea bags that have been sewn together. ‘Dying For A Cuppa’ was made by Karen Benjamin who makes many cups of tea for grieving friends and family members in her job working at a funeral home. “At times the grief seems overwhelming,” she says. “The gesture of a cup of tea and the chance to speak openly about death and dying soothes the soul”.

Laura Petruccelli has entered a photograph titled ‘Into the Sun my Son’, which she took of her baby son days before he died. “I took him outside so the sun could kiss his face,” she says. She says outside the hospital they were connected to the community they had looked at through his hospital room window.

Kylee Hoffman’s painting, ‘Many Hands Make a Work of Light’, features a butterfly which symbolises the transition from this life, and hands representing community support. “Though death can be perceived as a time of darkness, through the connection of community, the experience can be one of beauty and light,” she says.

Butterflies also feature in a sculpture titled ‘Butterfly Circle‘ by Renata Swierczynska, who describes them as symbols of the soul that children can see. She says that like people, ideas, beauty, happiness and life, they come and go like a light breeze. 

Last year’s People’s Choice award was won by ceramicist Ashley Fiona. Her entry was a photograph of the first porcelain ashkeeper that she sold, which was inspired by the death of her grandfather. She wanted to create something beautiful for her grandmother to keep his ashes in and thought an ashkeeper might also help her grandmother’s healing.

This year, Ashley is one of three judges to choose an overall winner for the art competition, along with Anzara Clark and Margaret Ambridge.

This is the second year Palliative Care Australia has run the online art competition. Winners will be announced in late August. See all of the entries and cast your vote here.


  • There all fantastic but I like Kerrie Marriott Anderson's painting titled 'A Light Touch' I agree with her it's an isolation that only she knows as she is dying and the colours reflect the earthy colours as the yellow reaching towards the sun

    - Christine Karanges
  • A Light Touch.. so beautiful.

    - Gayle Allwood
  • I simply love Grandpa in June. I volunteer in a Palcare ward, and this painting is very evocative.

    - Rob McCammon
  • A light touch is the stand out, although all of the others are worth merit in keeping with the subject.

    - Sharon White
  • Kerrie Marriott has captured both in a general and individual depiction,back to the faetal position from once we came. You enter alone and leave that way but the hand of help is always outstretched. The colours chosen are bold, bright but not overpowering, earthy warm nurturing. Well done Kerrie.

    - susan cock
  • Kerrie Marriott Anderson's painting titled 'A Light Touch' Definitely for me. As I have nursed at home 3 family members as they were dying, I witnessed the bubble they were in often and knew constantly that the only physical touch they could experience was the feel of my breath or touch of my hands..... It was the dance of life and death knowing when I had to loosen my grip and when to hold firmer ... The letting go and holding on unfolded between us... until the last breathe was taken......Amazing memories and this painting symbolized that for me.... Kerrie got it right on !!

    - Dianne Crooks
  • Hubby and I love 'A light Touch' Hubby's reason for liking it is "the hand reaching in, breaks the isolation of the person in their shell of helplessness. My reason for liking it is that the warm and gentle light was what instantly drew me to the image. The light projects other-worldliness, and harks back to images of christianity. The hand reaching out, as if to say, hold my hand, don't be afraid.'

    - Lorraine and Co de Kleuver
  • A light touch is the closest to the theme A difficult time for so many ! the Paliative teams care given is amazing with so much dignity Thankyou ❤️

    - Gail Harrower
  • I love Kerrie Marriott Anderson's painting, beautiful. Shows in some way the suffering/difficulties patients experience but then there's the gentle care/support of palliative care nurses/doctors/family/friends to help support them

    - Katie Rose
  • I have connected with this beautiful piece of art from Kerrie Marriott Anderson's . I see and feel my daughter is in the bubble ,feeling withdrawn from the world, due from the grief of losing her son . My hand(mother) reaching towards my daughter, to protect and guide her to a safe ,into her mothers arms .

    - Maree tomkins
  • Laura's Petruccelli photo , because it shows the courage of a mother and the love she has for her dying son !

    - Rita Demartis
  • Dept compassion connection and hope

    - Louise
  • Into the sun my son... special moments at the end of a beautiful life that was much too short.

    - Judy Lillis
  • I vote for " A LIGHT TOUCH' by Kerrie Marriott Anderson. It reminds me so much of the special bonds that form between someone who is need for so many reasons...and very often,just a touch of a hand,and USING THE SILENCE is intensely beautiful,so needed and much welcomed.

    - Robyn Youlten
  • Into the sun my son - Laura petruccelli ☀️

    - Joseph
  • Into the sun my son by Laura Petruccelli So beautiful but heartbreaking No parent should witness there child enter palliative care No parent should witness there child take there last breath

    - Kara
  • "A light touch"... a beautiful image of life in a bubble as a person meanders through the palliative care journey. Sometimes we can connect with our outreached hands but at other times the nurturing is not reciprocated...and it's a transition by self in accepting and letting go. Very profound piece with deepness.

    - Fiona griffin
  • Into the sun. A beautiful moment captured.

    - Nicole
  • A picture paints a thousand words and that is so very true for what you have achieved in this piece of art I absolutely love it Kerry well done

    - Yvonne Davies
  • Kerries " a light touch" is just beautiful and really conveys what she is telling us.

    - Julie Lieshout
  • Well Done Kerrie the image of life in a bubble is so graphic and hauntingly beautiful, portrays the understanding of pallative care from the heart, just love it

    - Jennifer Atkinson
  • Thank you to all entrants for creating and sharing their amazing works of art. Each are very special, beautiful, thought provoking and worthy of winning. My favourite is 'Into the Sun my Son' by Laura.

    - Helen Marris
  • Kerries Painting gets my vote.... It captures what palliative care is about....


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