Busting Palliative Care Myths

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Busting Palliative Care Myths

PCA has made a video series to combat some of the common myths associated with palliative care. The films feature patients from Caritas Christi Hospice and the Concord Centre for Palliative Care. Filming of the videos was supported by Collier Charitable Fund and Westpac Foundation.

Busting palliative care myths - full film


Myth #1 Pain is an inevitable part of dying


Myth #2 Palliative Care is only available in your last few days


Myth #3 Palliative Care hastens death



Myth #4 You can only receive palliative care in a hospital


Myth #5 Palliative care means my doctor has given up on me


Myth #6 Palliative care is just for people with cancer