Video transcript: Connie Johnson is Dying to Talk

CONNIE: I think that everyone should have the discussion of what they want to happen to them with their loved ones, everybody, who no exception.

Everybody should have that discussion with their partner, with their friends, with their families.

I probably know that more through being a daughter of a father who died, than I do from my experience of being a terminal cancer patient now.

When dad dies I found immense comfort in knowing that we were doing the right thing, in knowing that we were doing what he wanted us to do.

I can’t imagine having choose burial or cremation, to choose organ donation or not, to turn life support off or not, to choose medical intervention.

These choices that we have to make all along the way, I can’t imagine having to make those choices without dad’s guidance, and he had talked to us about his desires, the way he wanted things to go if things went down that path.

It gave me comfort to know that I was doing what he wanted, and I want my family and friends to have that same comfort when it comes to making decisions on my behalf, so it won’t feel like they are out at sea.

So that they’ll feel like I’m there guiding them on these decisions that they have to make on my behalf.

Transcript - Connie Johnson