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From Palliative Care Australia Palliative Matters Stories about living, dying and Palliative Care

dying at home

  1. Having cared for her husband as he was dying, Sarah Winch explains how to do it well

    18 October 2017

    Dr Sarah Winch remembers clearly the day she promised her husband Lincoln that she would write a book. It was a Thursday morning. Two days later he was dead. Lincoln, 48, had kidney cancer, and with his diagnosis came Dr Winch’s new role as his primary carer. During National Carers Week, Dr Winch shares the highs and lows, and lessons that have stayed with her from that time.

  2. Nurse committed to residents being able to die at home, away from hospital emergency departments

    17 July 2017

    Having worked as a nurse in a hospital emergency department, Melissa Millar has seen first-hand the trauma that can occur when someone who is dying an expected death is put in an ambulance. It’s something she is keen to avoid in her new role at a Sydney aged care facility.

  3. Caring for my beautiful husband as he died and through the days that followed

    10 July 2017

    Who is the best person to care for someone who has died? Sometimes, a person who loved them when they were living. Dr Fiona Reid shares her experience caring for her husband Morgan throughout his illness and in the days after his death.

  4. Budget offers new support to coordinate end-of-life care

    10 May 2017

    New funding announced in last night’s Federal Budget will enable families to spend more quality time with loved ones who are terminally ill, and less trying to navigate the health system, Palliative Care Australia anticipates.

  5. Visiting palliative care nurse gives residential aged care facility confidence to care for dying man

    4 May 2017

    Brian Chaffer was 84 and he knew he was dying. He didn’t want to die in hospital. He wanted to die at his home of 12 years. But his retirement village wasn’t set up to care for a man with complex pain as he entered the last weeks of his life. A compromise was achieved, thanks to a visiting palliative care nurse.

  6. Films capture the experience of caring for someone who is terminally ill

    31 March 2017

    An organisation focussed on the wellbeing of people who care for someone at the end of their life has launched three short films to shed light on this experience.

  7. Accompanying my mother through the process of dying as her carer, confidant and friend

    9 February 2017

    While caring for her mother as she was dying, Shannon Calvert discovered strength she didn’t realise she had.

  8. Preparing a loved-one’s body for a family-led funeral

    2 November 2016

    For some people, the idea of caring for a loved-one’s body in the lead-up to burial or cremation is hugely confronting. For others, it is a natural extension of the caring they have provided in the lead-up to their loved one’s death.

    A co-founder of the Natural Death Advocacy Network, Libby Moloney, offers practical insight into what is involved in preparing a body for burial and what options there are to engaging the services of a funeral director.

  9. Long-term value for all in accepting offers of help

    7 September 2016

    The deep bonds that are formed between carers and those supporting them can last for years into bereavement. So is important for carers to accept all offers of help, even when they think they don’t need it, according to renowned expert in building compassionate communities, Dr Julian Abel.

  10. Palliative care doctor shares highlights of working in Broken Hill

    6 September 2016

    Meet Dr Sarah Wenham, a specialist palliative care physician based in Broken Hill, NSW. She serves 32,000 people across a 195,000 km² district, which shares borders with Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Dr Wenham is a keynote speaker at this month’s Palliative Care NSW’s ‘Transforming Our Landscape’ conference.

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