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From Palliative Care Australia Palliative Matters Stories about living, dying and Palliative Care


  1. Sharing Sam’s end-of-life story to help others…

    26 August 2019

    Back in 2017 Lorna Hurst shared her very personal story with Palliative Matters about her son Sam’s bowel cancer diagnosis, treatment and death at just 17 years-of-age. Lorna has now generously agreed her to share […]

  2. Having cared for her husband as he was dying, Sarah Winch explains how to do it well

    18 October 2017

    Dr Sarah Winch remembers clearly the day she promised her husband Lincoln that she would write a book. It was a Thursday morning. Two days later he was dead. Lincoln, 48, had kidney cancer, and with his diagnosis came Dr Winch’s new role as his primary carer. During National Carers Week, Dr Winch shares the highs and lows, and lessons that have stayed with her from that time.

  3. Films capture the experience of caring for someone who is terminally ill

    31 March 2017

    An organisation focussed on the wellbeing of people who care for someone at the end of their life has launched three short films to shed light on this experience.

  4. Six things to know during National Carers Week

    20 October 2016

    Carers provide invaluable support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue, or who are frail aged. During National Carers Week take a moment to learn about and recognise Australia’s 2.8 million unpaid carers and their contribution to people nearing the end of life.

  5. Ara Cresswell is dying to talk

    17 October 2016

    To mark National Carers Week, Carers Australia CEO Ara Cresswell shares her end-of-life wishes. She wants normal silliness, without tiptoeing and manners, and also for the fridge to be cleared out and the cupboards wiped down.

  6. DVD offers practical tips and instruction for carers

    9 August 2016

    How frequently do you need to move someone to prevent pressure sores? How can you wash hair in bed? How do you safely push someone in a wheelchair down a ramp? Many new questions tend to arise when you’re caring for someone at the end of life. Fortunately, there is also a free DVD that answers them.

  7. It was a privilege to care for my brother: Nola’s story

    1 August 2016

    Nola’s loving, support and care meant her brother Pete could die peacefully at home. She had a lovely chat with him on the morning he died. “I told him to say ‘Hi’ to mum and dad. It was very special to have that moment with him. He was very peaceful.”

  8. Engage communities and train carers to provide end-of-life care: UK expert

    28 July 2016

    While hospices will continue to have a role to play in caring for people with severe symptoms in the UK, there is a growing need for the community to participate more in end-of-life care, according to a leading palliative care expert.

  9. Separate terminally ill patients and carers for psychosocial assessments

    3 September 2015

    Kate Swetenham, Service Director of Southern Adelaide Palliative Services, said patients and carers are generally careful to protect one another’s feelings, which can severely inhibit what they say when they are together.

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