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From Palliative Care Australia Palliative Matters Stories about living, dying and Palliative Care

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  1. Caring for my beautiful husband as he died and through the days that followed

    10 July 2017

    Who is the best person to care for someone who has died? Sometimes, a person who loved them when they were living. Dr Fiona Reid shares her experience caring for her husband Morgan throughout his illness and in the days after his death.

  2. Films capture the experience of caring for someone who is terminally ill

    31 March 2017

    An organisation focussed on the wellbeing of people who care for someone at the end of their life has launched three short films to shed light on this experience.

  3. Accompanying my mother through the process of dying as her carer, confidant and friend

    9 February 2017

    While caring for her mother as she was dying, Shannon Calvert discovered strength she didn’t realise she had.

  4. Making a dying parent’s life as good as possible; experiences of a teenage carer

    24 November 2016

    As a teenager Kathryn Dwan devoted six months of her life to caring for her father as he died of AIDS following a blood transfusion in the 1980s. She shares the impact that caring had on her, as a teenager and later as an adult, and how her simple acts of love contributed to her father’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

  5. New book captures personal experiences of palliative care

    1 August 2016

    The experiences of 10 people who cared for family members receiving palliative care are documented in a new book of personal stories.

  6. The most intimate thing I’ve done in my life: Kylie’s story

    1 August 2016

    Kylie’s husband Bernard was diagnosed with cancer at 19 and given the all clear after treatment. After the cancer reappeared Kylie cared for Bernard, supporting his wish to die at home.

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