Artwork by Nicholas, 7 years old
‘Handpainted chooks outside the chook-house’


Symptom Management Plan

Useful resources for Ongoing/Palliative Care

An Overview to Family Meetings and Difficult Conversations

The care of a child with a life-limiting illness involves many potentially difficult conversations. Whilst health professionals cannot take away how these discussion may make the family feel, it is important to ensure the family […]


Transferring a Child Requiring Palliative Care Home

This prompt sheet outlines a process for health professionals to transfer a child receiving palliative care to their home. This is to ensure appropriate planning is undertaken to prepare, empower and support the child, family […]


Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is a process to discuss the child’s and their family’s values, goals and hopes and identify their future healthcare preferences. Advance care planning often takes place through a number of conversations and […]