Revised Aged Care Quality Standards Consultation

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Revised Aged Care Quality Standards Consultation

In this submission PCA commends the Government for a comprehensive consultation draft of the revised Aged Care Quality Standards (the Quality Standards) and the inclusion of specialist palliative care in Standard 5. However, consistent with the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety’s recommendations, PCA advocates for the inclusion of palliative care to be embedded in aged care and more broadly referenced in the Quality Standards. The definition of ‘palliative care’ applied in the Quality Standards should be based on the World Health Organization definition of palliative care in the Quality Standards, consistent with the National Palliative Care Strategy 2018.

PCA also recommends that all elements of the Quality Standards are consistent with the provision of quality palliative care provided in the PCA National Palliative Care Standards. The PCA Standards are highly regarded internationally for articulating best practice palliative care.

PCA advocates that the Quality Standards incorporate the requirement for flexibility and adjustment to address rapidly changing needs, particularly unpredictable and rapid deterioration. In particular, PCA makes specific recommendations for the inclusion of palliative care considerations in the Quality Standards, these relate to the standard of care a person can expect, palliative care training for aged care staff, and provider systems and processes to support palliative care needs.

PCA also offers to assist with collaborating on any supporting or guidance documentation on the Quality Standards and/or palliative care to support the delivery of holistic palliative care that promotes quality of life.

Revised Aged Care Quality Standards Consultation - November 2022


22 December 2022