A Lasting Tale

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A Lasting Tale

“It is not until we have lost someone that we really understand the power of a voice. The desire to just hear that voice one more time. The ability of a voice to evoke the love you shared.”

In 2011, Dimity Brassil lost her father and her sister within a three month period. They were both great storytellers and had many fascinating stories to share with their loved ones about their life. Dimity has many written recollections of these stories, however deeply wishes she had audio records where she could listen to them tell their own story over and over again. As a freelance writer and content creator for nearly 20 years, Dimity has discovered the power of podcasting and the potential of using this technology to record memories told by loved ones.

“Voice is magic, and to just “hear their voice one more time” is a common refrain.

“When I realised that we all have the technology to record that voice at our fingertips, I wanted to give everyone the chance to just hear that voice again,” Ms Brassil said.

With this idea, Dimity launched A Lasting Tale in September 2018 to help others record their loved one’s stories and also provide support on how to start the conversation and ask the right questions.

Creator Dimity Brassil

“My mother is a really interesting person, and most people - probably even her children and most definitely her grandchildren – wouldn’t know the true extent of her achievements, her community work, or her astute, witty and often acerbic observations on the play of life. I wanted to hear her stories – in her own voice, to make her story like a personal podcast. And I suspected that other people felt that need.


“A Lasting Tale shows people how to create audio recordings on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. We provide instructions on using podcast software on all these devices, as well as technical tips on recording quality audio at home and using minimal gear or cost. We then provide a range of comprehensive and detailed questions based around the themes of childhood, career, family, community, world events, wisdom, regrets, turning points, and life lessons.

“A Lasting Tale also offers a full audio interview package, where we will research, prepare, interview and deliver a personal history audio story. Practical community workshops are also offered showing small groups how to conduct their own personal history audio interview. This is aimed at community centres, libraries, museums, retirement villages and other interested parties,” Ms Brassil said.

As Dimity’s sister and father both received palliative care in Wagga Wagga, NSW, she became aware of the importance of ensuring a quality end of life for her loved ones. Due to this, Dimity is donating $2 of every sale from A Lasting Tale to Palliative Care Australia (PCA) with the aim to support services in regional Australia.

My personal experience of at-home palliative care (especially for younger people) opened up my eyes to an under-funded, little recognised and over worked essential service at the end of life. I realised then that palliative care was what I would support over my lifetime. 

“Using A Lasting Tale to increase awareness and raise funds for palliative care services has always been part of the goal,” Ms Brassil said.

Since the launch in September 2018, A Lasting Tale has been well received by the public with many people looking to record their own stories as well as wanting to participate in Dimity’s community workshops during the first half of this year. 

“A Lasting Tale has resonated with many people, especially with the people wanting to capture the stories of their parents and grandparents, or with their loved ones who are dying.

“Many people have contacted me wanting a one-stop guide to recording their own audio interviews. They wanted to give this as a present to their loved family members, or they themselves were wanting to record their own story – in the privacy of their own home, when and where they wanted.

“Since launching I have conducted several full audio interview packages around Albury-Wodonga, and I have bookings for the first part of 2019. I am running a series of community workshops in Wagga and North-East Victoria in early 2019,” Ms Brassil said.

Create your lasting tale and capture your loved one's story in their own voice. If you would like to create your story or find out more information about A Lasting Tale, visit the website or email Dimity at hello@alastingtale.com.