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Decisions about your care

You will need to make a variety of decisions about your future care and your wishes for your final days, and after you have gone. This is challenging to face and it may take some time for you to prepare for this. It is important that you discuss your wishes with those close to you so they understand what you want and how to carry your wishes out. These are difficult conversations to have. PCA’s Discussion Starter can help you work out what is right for you. 

There are a number of ways you can direct your care. You can create an advance care plan or advance care directive. It is important to understand the difference between these two plans and also the differences between States and Territories in terms of use. These should be drawn up in communication with your General Practitioner and treating doctor/s.

As part of this process you can appoint someone to make decisions for you if you are no longer able to speak for yourself.

State and Territory Departments of Health, includes information about guardianship and powers of attorney or equivalent:

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