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CareSearch has been part of the evidence and practice base for palliative care since 2008. Its primary goal is to provide accessible, trustworthy information to those providing or receiving palliative care so that they may make person-centred, well-informed decisions. CareSearch also seeks to normalise wider societal perspectives on death and dying by emphasising end of life as an inevitable and natural aspect of life.

The project consolidates palliative care evidence into online information and resources that can be used by health professionals, by people needing palliative care and their families, and by the general community. The CareSearch project team is also responsible for palliAGED, a website specifically focused on the palliative care knowledge, training, and practice needs of the Australian aged care sector.

Both CareSearch and palliAGED use transparent development and review processes to ensure their resources are relevant to sector, of a high quality, and aligned with best practices in palliative care. We also actively collaborate and engage with people with lived experiences of palliative care, carers, clinicians, educators, researchers, and policymakers in producing our digital content.

The project understands the importance of demonstrating its impact and the pathways by which it contributes to better quality care for people with palliative care needs and their families. CareSearch continues to explore innovative ways to translate digital knowledge into forms that people can readily engage with and act upon while developing methods for capturing and understanding the tangible impact of CareSearch and palliAGED products.