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The Australian palliative care community features many great people just doing their bit to help a family through a challenging experience. They might be a nurse, doctor, social worker or community volunteer or even the neighbour who walks the dog so the family does not have to.

To recognise these great people PCA has created this space and encourages you to share your stories and remembrances of people and experiences in this diverse sector.

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  • Jack’s daughter rings me and tells me he has just died.
    “I’ll come right away,” I reply.
    Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren hover in the lounge room as I arrive. Th ... Read More

    - Dr Katrina Anderson, Associate Professor, General Practice, Australian National University Medical School.
  • 12 years ago I went into a coma. 100 days later I woke up and had to learn to read, write, walk again. I was not given much hope except for my mom to pull the plug. She refused. All the therapy worked ... Read More

    - Michael
  • M.B’s Homecoming

    In a hospital bed she lies, with pleading eyes her country again to roam
    The doctors said they can’t fix this and family want her home
    The plan is se ... Read More

    - Jo Rhodes

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