John Chapuis


John Chapuis


John Chapuis, a retired Army Officer, was the primary carer of his wife through three separate breast cancer diagnoses from an initial diagnosis in 2001 until her death in 2016. John witnessed first-hand the benefits of palliative care, but his experience also highlighted how little he and his wife knew about palliative care and how poorly understood it is in the community.

Inspired by his wife’s experience John wants to clarify, educate and inform others of the comforts that good palliative brings to patients and their families. He aims to achieve this through assisting to in the formulation of policy and assisting in the education about palliative care.

John is a member of PCA’s consumer panel, the Health Care Consumers Association and has been working with researchers at the Australian National University on a paper that considers the role consumers and carers play in assisting with palliative care leadership.

If you would like to engage John or another consumer representative for your project, please complete an application form and return to or call 02 6232 0700.