Frances Logan


Frances Logan


My volunteer roles, (experience as a volunteer and team leader in the Community team) with Hospice Volunteers South (Tasmania) and with Lifeline Tasmania bring me into connection with people living with life threatening illness, their carers and those bereaved by the death of people of significance in their lives. I am a member of Palliative Care Tasmania.

Experiencing the deaths of significant people over the years has brought me much learning and growth. The death of my Mother in Palliative Care in 2018 has highlighted for me and my family the “gaps” that exist for many. I believe that lack of awareness in our communities, challenges with the provision of high quality, multi-disciplinary Palliative Care and End of Life care, the urgent need for enhancing communication, the need for actual effective support and development for all staff involved, are priorities for driving change in Palliative Care, however most importantly it is essential that compassion underpins care.

Forming connections and effective communication with others is a foremost drive in my life. Qualifying as a Speech Pathologist and a Counsellor enabled me to participate in provision of services across health, education, private practice and services for people with disability in the non- government sector. In my many years of providing services as an Allied Health practitioner and a volunteer, connecting with families, carers and service providers, collaboration and communication have been at the core of my practice.

I am committed to contributing to the enhancement of quality care for all as people live with illness and face their death. I believe that quality care for those who live with illness and deterioration in their functioning inclusive of their circle of significant people, can bring dignity in what is a profoundly challenging phase of life.

I look forward to contributing to the ongoing national work that is aimed at continuing to create skilled, well-funded, compassionate palliative care services.

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