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Supporter Stories – Dying to Talk Series

Celebrate life, talk about death

PCA encourages everyone to get together with your family, celebrate your time together, and talk about what you want to happen to you as you age. Learn from prominent Australians about what they have learned about end-of-life issues and how to start the conversation.


Dying to Talk – Luke Ryan

Comedian Luke Ryan talks about being diagnosed with cancer twice in his life. He share what he’s learned from using humour to broach talking about death with family and friends. He wants the community to talk more about the end of life and their wishes.

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Dying to Talk – Connie Johnson

Connie Johnson, co-founder of the Love Your Sister campaign, shares her story. Connie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer over five years ago and has been receiving palliative care in conjunction with her curative care treatment. She shares her experience to help promote palliative care and encourage the community to start talking about dying.

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Dying to Talk – Jean Kittson

Jean Kittson is the ambassador for Palliative Care Nurses Australia and speaks about her encounters with people who have received and gave palliative care. Jean presents a lighter tone on the issue of death and dying and wants people to start the talk before it’s too late.

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