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Paediatric Project Steering Committee

  1. Professor Meera Agar

    Professor Meera Agar

    Professor Meera Agar is the Chair of Palliative Care Australia and is a practicing palliative medicine physician in South West Sydney, with a particular interest in the supportive care needs of people suffering from advanced illness on the brain.  Meera leads a clinical research portfolio at University of Technology Sydney, including clinical trials and health service evaluation. She led a world-first clinical trial of antipsychotics in delirium, and is leading a NSW Government-funded trial of the use of medicinal cannabis for the terminally ill. 

  2. Renee Deleuil

    Renee Deleuil

    Renee Deleuil is the Clinical Nurse Consultant for the WA Paediatric Palliative Care Service. Renee has previously worked in senior nurse specialist roles in immunology (allergy, HIV and immunodeficiency) and organ donation. Renee has completed a Master of Nursing (Research), Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care and is currently enrolled in a Master of Nurse Practitioner at Flinders University, specialising in Paediatric Palliative Care.

  3. Sara Fleming

    Sara Fleming

    Sara Fleming is the Clinical Service Director for Paediatric Palliative Care in South Australia. She is a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in the field and is also a trained clinical supervisor. She currently holds the Chair of the Paediatric Palliative Care Australia and New Zealand organisation where she is dedicated to further strengthening the specialty and resourcing around it.

  4. Melissa Heywood

    Melissa Heywood

    Melissa works as a Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Victorian Paediatric Palliative Care Program (VPPCP) at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. VPPCP is a state-wide service for children with palliative care needs. Melissa completed a Nursing Science Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital.

  5. Associate Professor Jenny Hynson

    Associate Professor Jenny Hynson

    Associate Professor Jenny Hynson MBBS FRACP FAChPM PhD is Head of the Victorian Paediatric Palliative Care Program, a state-wide service for children with palliative care needs. She is also coordinator of the case response group for the Children’s Bioethics Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

  6. Dr Susan Trethewie

    Dr Susan Trethewie

    Dr Susan Trethewie MBBS, FRACP, FAChPM is a Paediatrician with experience in Palliative Medicine. She has worked as a Staff Specialist, Paediatric Palliative Medicine at Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH), Randwick since May 2002, and as the Head of Department SCHN Palliative Care since July 2016. Dr Trethewie completed Paediatric training at Sydney Children’s Hospital, and adult palliative medicine training through Sydney Institute of Palliative Medicine and SAC Palliative Medicine (RACP). She then worked in (adult) Palliative Medicine for two years.

  7. Simon Waring

    Simon Waring

    Simon Waring’s personal experience of oncology and palliative care has driven his efforts in palliative care advocacy.  Simons son Marmaduke was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 15 months and died three years later. Within five weeks, tragedy struck again, with Simon’s wife succumbing to breast cancer. While his family’s experience of adult palliative care was restricted in scope, flexibility and length, their experience of paediatric palliative care in both the hospital and at home, however, was highly involved, lengthy and positive. The short film ‘Marmaduke’s Story’ is used in hospitals and universities to educate students and staff about Palliative Care.

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