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Conference Update Wednesday 2 September 2015

This is the first Conference Update and you will find one of these in your inbox every morning of the 13th Australian Palliative Care Conference.
Each update will take you to a feature article from the previous day’s sessions, additional news information and updates about the day ahead.


Welcome drinks at the 13th Australian Palliative Care Conference

Be part of our polls – share your views with PCA
Everyday a new poll will be posted to the Palliative Care Australia website home page. If you scroll down you can see it to the right hand side in a blue box.The first one is there already – have a look.
Please assist us by answering our poll questions. You can also see the results collated so far and we will be circulating the results the following day. These polls will be used for news items and as background material for Palliative Care Australia.

Tweet with us:
PCA is using hashtags to promote the conference. Our main hashtag is #13APCC – we want to see if trending.
We have three hashtags which are below – please use them as you share with colleagues and friends about the conference. We want to get palliative care trending in Australia – what better way to get people talking about dying?On Wednesday use the #13APCC hashtag on all your tweets to see if we can make an impact on twitter trends. Hashtags to use: #13APCC; #fit4future; #dyingtotalk

Palliverse is a great blog site that many of you will already be familiar with. Palliverse has joined PCA to help all our delegates get involved in social media. Visit Palliverse at the PCA lounge area in the exhibition hall and learn more about tweets, tweetchat and visit the blog. PCA’s Twitter account and Facebook page will be updated regularly with photographs and updates on the conference. Join us there.

Join in the Vox Pops
During breaks Palliative Care Australia’s communication team will be roving with a camera wanting to get your views on film. These vox pops will be used for PCA promotional material and in presentations. It is important to us to get the views of the sector involved in our work and be able to take your voice direct to Government.

Who is here?
We have more than 800 delegates from all around Australia and the world. Nurses are our most represented profession, with volunteers and senior managers next.



Delirium pre-conference workshop held Tuesday 1 September 2015

Pre-conference workshops held yesterday discussed a number of important topics across palliative care, from the clinical to the spiritual. Delegates discussed and debated important issues, such as how to close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander palliative care and ethical and practical decision making in paediatric palliative care. Other sessions focussed on self-care, communication skills and the spiritual dimensions of palliative care, all elements that are important for day-to-day working in palliative care.

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