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National Palliative Care Week 2020

National Palliative Care Week is an annual event organised by Palliative Care Australia and supported by the Department of Health to raise awareness and understanding about palliative care in the Australian community.

In 2020, National Palliative Care Week  will be held from Sunday 24 May – Saturday 30 May.

Palliative Care Australia is looking at creative ways to interact with audiences during the Week without holding physical events.

Stay tuned for more details about our National Palliative Care Week theme and branding.


If you are planning an event, physical or virtual, for National Palliative Care Week 2020, share your event with us by emailing with your event details or fill out the online form below. All national and local events for the week will be available to view on our events page.

To know which events will be held in your area, visit your state’s member organisation website.

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