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I am interested in becoming a consumer and carer representative

The National Register currently consists of six palliative care consumers and carers from across Australia.

PCA aims to develop a diverse and representative national register of people who have a lived experience of palliative care that want to contribute to improving palliative care for other people. Involving individuals, their families and carers in the conversation, including in the design and monitoring of services, will improve the ability of services to provide the care that is best for the individual, their carer and family. 

Recruitment of members occurs through a review process on an annual basis (or as needed). The call for applications will be promoted through our e-newsletter and website. A selection panel will then make selections based on the skills, experience and commitment outlined in each application.

Prospective panel members are expected to have:

  • The capacity and commitment to actively participate in the program
  • The capacity to represent consumer and carer issues

PCA will have an ongoing schedule of support and training opportunities for members of the National Register. This will provide members with sector insights, developing their knowledge of palliative care issues and networks, and empowering them to participate in strategic decision making and input into policy, health service design and relevant projects.

If you would like to enquire about future opportunities to participate as a member of the National Register, please email or telephone 02 6232 0700.

Learn more: New Consumer Representative Fact Sheet

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