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Palliative Care Tweetchat – 10 December

PallANZ 201512

Palliative Care Australia invites everyone for the third tweetchat on Thursday 10 December 2015 using the hashtag #PallANZ. The theme is “Living with grief and loss.”

With the holiday season coming up it can be a challenging time for those experiencing grief. Grief and loss is something we will all face at different times throughout our lives. While living with grief and loss is a uniquely personal experience, we don’t have to endure it on our own. As a community, there are many ways that we can support each other. Join us to talk openly about living with grief and loss.


  • T1 Have you experienced grief and loss? How would you describe it? And what did you need from those around you?
  • T2 How do children live with grief and loss? How are they different from adults?
  • T3 What kinds of support are there for people living with grief and loss in your community?
  • T4 As a community and as individuals, how can we better support those living with grief and loss during the festive season?
  • CT means closing tweets. Give us your shout outs, announcements, and closing thought

When will the tweet chat be held?

  • 7pm AEDT (Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart)
  • 6:30pm ACDT (Adelaide)
  • 6pm AEST (Brisbane)
  • 5:30pm ACST (Darwin)
  • 4pm AWST (Perth)
  • 9pm NZDT (Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch)
  • Other time zones, including London/Dublin 8am, Hong Kong/Singapore 4pm

Who should participate in the tweetchat?

Anyone and everyone with an interest in these issues, including:

  • Patients, families, carers
  • Clinicians, researchers
  • Managers, administrators, policymakers
  • Other interested members of the community

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