PCA Connect - Navigating the Journey of Dementia

Palliative Care Australia welcomes you to another PCA Connect webinar – ‘Navigating the Journey: Planning and preparing for palliative care post dementia diagnosis’.

This webinar shed light on the intricate relationship between dementia and palliative care, emphasising the significance of empathy while providing practical insights and actionable strategies for appropriate care.

By exploring various aspects, our panellists addressed the impact of dementia on individuals and families, the challenges commonly associated with the life-limiting condition, and the value of integrating palliative care into dementia management.

The powerful lived experiences shared by Barry and Vern, were complemented by the clinical perspectives offered by Elissa and Jayne – helping us all unpack what palliative care can offer post dementia diagnosis.

Panel members:

Dr Elissa Campbell – Geriatrician and palliative care physician

Jayne Littledike – Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Nightingale Program

Vern Marshall – Dementia Advocate

Barry Egan – Dementia Advocate


A big thank you to all our panellists and everyone who attended the webinar. The discussion was rich, real and insightful and Barry and Vern are everyone’s new best friends.

Here are some insightful resources recommended by the panel:

Lack of understanding about dementia as a life-limiting condition in the health and aged care sectors, and the broader community, means that many people living with dementia struggle to access appropriate palliative care.

In this joint policy statement, Palliative Care Australia and Dementia Australia advocate for improved awareness and understanding of the unique palliative care needs of people living with dementia, their families, carers and community: