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Adelaide – 7th International Carers Conference

7th International Carers Conference
Wednesday October 4 – Friday October 6  

Carers Australia is proud to host the 7th International Carers Conference in Adelaide, South Australia, from 4-6 October 2017.

This conference, the biggest Australian event in the care sector, will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Carers Australia is offering generous discounted rates to encourage greater numbers of delegates from across Australia and globally. Don’t delay in securing your place at this exciting event!

Australia is a leader in the caring space. We have so many stories to tell; about challenges, partnerships, innovation and new opportunities – all themes at this conference. The work being done in Australia on assistive and inclusive technology is outstanding.

We have attracted some of the most innovative and thought-provoking keynotes, across a range of specialties, and most with lived experience.

In addition to recognising and learning from past achievements, this conference will focus on the future, the challenges and opportunities ahead, and showcase innovation in policy and practice.

The conference will bring together key stakeholders across a broad range of community and business sectors: policy-makers, community leaders, business leaders, researchers, grassroots advocates, practitioners, consumers and carers.

Delegates will come from across Australia, across the Asia Pacific region and across the globe, along with national and international high-profile speakers; to engage in a meeting of minds.

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