Oceanic Palliative Care Conference

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Oceanic Palliative Care Conference


Every two years, Palliative Care Australia delivers the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference. This event is the pre-eminent event for all those passionate about palliative and end-of-life care. This year it brought together over 1040 delegates from across the globe and fosters multidisciplinary collaboration, equipping attendees with knowledge, skills, and networks to continue making valuable contributions and changes to the way they approach and deliver palliative care services. 

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Registration for 21OPCC is available to watch on-demand - register now. 

POST CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (open until 10 December 2021) 

  • Full conference $499.00 +gst 
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‘This conference has been just what I needed. Thanks to all for this opportunity, it's been brilliant’ 

‘It really has been a reinvigorating, inspiring event. Thank you so much - it has been a privilege to attend’ 

‘What an amazing end to a superb conference!’  


2021 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference (21OPCC) Program highlights include:

✅ 65 Live oral presentations
✅ 55 + Poster presentations
✅ 10 Workshop sessions
✅ 5 panel discussions
✅ Ian Maddocks Guest Lecture
✅ The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care – Opening Address
✅ Interactive Exhibition Hall
✅ Corridor Conversations / Networking
✅ National Palliative Projects Showcase
✅ Virtual Conference Choir

Program at a glance

21OPCC had over 100 speakers discussing a range of topics in the palliative care sector. 

21OPCC Plenary Speakers: 

Roberts Yates, United Kingdom
Director, Global Health Programme; Executive Director, Centre for Universal Health, Chatham House, United Kingdom
Presenting on: How can palliative care get a decent crack of the whip' of Universal Health Reform 

Professor Katherine Sleeman, United Kingdom BSc MBBS MRCP PhD
Laing Galazka Chair in Palliative Care, King's College London
NIHR Clinician Scientist, King's College London
Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 
Presenting on:The future of palliative care in the UK: learning from policy and practice in a pandemic

Dr Hsien Seow, Canada
Canada Research Chair in Palliative Care and Health System Innovation and an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology, McMaster University in Ontario, Canada  
Ian Maddock Guest Lecture:Waiting Room Revolution: Unlocking the secrets to a better illness experience.   

Dr  Naheed Dosani, Toronto, Canada
Palliative care physician, health justice advocate             
Presenting on: Challenge and Change: Towards Palliative Care Equity in Our Communities 

Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates AM, Australia
Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology
Presenting on: Building a workforce to meet the needs of palliative care   

21OPCC Theme - Invest Challenge Change

The theme for the 2021 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference was; Invest Challenge Change. The theme builds on a global push to ensure that we build better, more resilient health systems better able to meet critical healthcare needs in normal circumstances, and sufficiently resourced to meet needs during times of emergency and crisis. Palliative care services are under-resourced at the best of times. But the advent of COVID-19 has placed a stretched system under additional strain.

Governments need to make good on their commitment to invest more in palliative care.

We need to challenge the existing thinking that places palliative care on the periphery of health systems. And we need to drive change that helps us meet not only existing need, but the future needs of a rapidly ageing and growing population that is living with more complex and chronic illnesses.

2021 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference Statement

Over 1000 delegates from across the globe attended the 2021 Virtual Oceanic Palliative Care Conference (21OPCC) on 7-10 September 2021.  21OPCC’s theme, Invest Challenge Change, builds on the continuing global push to ensure that we build better, more resilient health systems designed to meet critical health and palliative care needs in normal circumstances, and are sufficiently resourced to meet needs during times of emergency and crisis.

Conference delegates identified the priority actions that represent their commitment to ensuring access to quality palliative care for all, across all Oceanic nations.

The 2021 Oceanic Palliative Care Conference Statement can be found here.


Thank you to all our sponsors for participating and supporting the Oceanic Palliative Care Conference.