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Consumer and Carer Representatives

  1. Christine Hofmeyer

    Christine Hofmeyer

    I see my role as a carer and consumer representative as an opportunity to act as an advocate for consumers and carers, to promote person-centred care and programmes to improve health literacy in death and dying. I believe it is essential to ensure consumers points of view and experiences are heard and integrated into policy development and service and quality improvements.

  2. Frances Logan

    Frances Logan

    My volunteer roles, (experience as a volunteer and Team leader in the Community team) with Hospice Volunteers South (Tasmania) and with Lifeline Tasmania bring me into connection with people living with life threatening illness, their carers and those bereaved by the death of people of significance in their lives.

  3. John Chapuis

    John Chapuis

    John Chapuis, a retired Army Officer, was the primary carer of his wife through three separate breast cancer diagnoses from an initial diagnosis in 2001 until her death in 2016. John witnessed first-hand the benefits of palliative care, but his experience also highlighted how little he and his wife knew about palliative care and how poorly understood it is in the community.

  4. Rosemary Dillon

    Rosemary Dillon

    Rosemary is a registered nurse with a clinical background in neurology and neurosurgery, aged care, rehabilitation and more recently, patient experience and consumer engagement. On a personal level, in recent years Rosemary has cared for several people in her immediate family at the end of their lives.

  5. Simon Menelaws

    Simon Menelaws

    My first experiences with life-limiting disease and the symptoms of significant illness were as a doctor. From early on in my career I was acutely aware of the complexities and paradox of how my profession approached the experience that binds us all as humans: death.

  6. Simon Waring

    Simon Waring

    My experience of palliative care extends to both adult and paediatric oncology, as a full-time carer to one of my young sons and also my wife. Diagnosed with neuroblastoma at fifteen months, my son Marmaduke died three years later, just five weeks after my wife succumbed to breast cancer.

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