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Consumer and Carer Representative Profile

Rosemary Dillon

Rosemary is a registered nurse with a clinical background in neurology and neurosurgery, aged care, rehabilitation and more recently, patient experience and consumer engagement.  She has worked in the public and private sectors in health care delivery and in policy and strategy roles. Her academic qualifications include BA (Administration) and Dip App Sci (Nursing).

On a personal level, in recent years Rosemary has cared for several people in her immediate family at the end of their lives. Between 2014-2017, her father, mother and 42 year old sister died. Her father and sister died in a hospice environment, her father after a 4 week admission to ICU and her sister after a 3 year period with metastatic cancer. Rosemary’s mother died in an aged care home with the input of specialist palliative care services.

Patient, family and carer experiences around death and dying have always been of interest to her personally and professionally and she is now engaged on a part time basis as Manager, Engagement and Experience with lifeCircle Australia.  Her mission is to improve these experiences, particularly for those caring for people at the end of life.

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