Thursdays@3 - podcast & video series

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Thursdays@3 - podcast & video series

Episode 3: Palliative care in a war zone

In this episode meet Victorian based palliative care physiotherapist and researcher – Rachel Coghlan.

In reflecting on her work as a physio in palliative care, Rachel talks about supporting people to get outside and walk, garden, breath fresh air, and keep fulfilling their life goals as they face death. She says, “How I get them there is physiotherapy, why I get them there is palliative care.”

Through the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership at Deakin University, Rachel is also exploring the delivery of palliative care during times of emergency and crises, with a focus on communities experiencing armed conflict. She has just returned from war torn Gaza in the Middle East as part of her PhD studies and seen the power of community first hand.

Hit play to get a better understanding of the wisdom and work of Rachel Coghlan.

As Samar says, “you only die once so make it a good one”. You can also listen to the podcast version on Spotify. 

Episode 2: "You only die once so make it a good one" - Prof Samar Aoun

In episode 2 of our new video and podcast series Thursdays@3, listen to Prof Samar Aoun, Western Australia’s Australian of the Year 2023, as she shares with us that spark that started her passion for palliative care and reflects on her own Australian story as a migrant from Lebanon.

Samar advocates for a person-centred approach to the end of life.

She focuses on under-served groups such as those with motor neurone disease (MND) and dementia, people who are terminally ill and live alone, and those caring for a loved one.

She wears many hats – the Perron Institute Research Chair in Palliative Care at The University of Western Australia and Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University. She also co-founded the South West Compassionate Communities Network and leads the Compassionate Connectors Program.

As Samar says, “you only die once so make it a good one”. You can also listen to the podcast version on Spotify.

Episode 1: In conversation with the NSW Senior Australian of the Year 2023

Join us as we open up the conversation about the last taboo – death and dying. We know it’s a difficult conversation to have with yourself and your loved ones, but it’s a crucial and empowering one to have.

Thursdays@3 is our new podcast & video series, where we’ll be talking to experts from the field and people living and working at the end of life. Whether you’re someone who works in palliative care, have a loved one going through palliative care, are bereaved, or if you’re the one living with a life limiting illness this podcast is for you.

In our first episode, listen to a pioneer of modern palliative care in Australia, the NSW Senior Australian of the Year 2023 – Teresa Plane.

From opening a hospice and palliative care unit at Mt Carmel Hospital in Western Sydney in 1978 to launching a home care program, Teresa continues advocating and volunteering as she approaches 90 years, and in this conversation reflects on what she has learnt about life and death along the way. You are in the presence of greatness as you click play; prepare to go on a journey.

You can also listen to it on Spotify now!