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Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, you will develop an Advance Personal Plan rather than an advance care plan. The three components are:

1. Advance Consent Decisions

Advance consent decisions are legally binding consent decisions about your future health care. You will control how and what treatment you are provided once you have lost decision making capacity. Health professionals are legally bound to abide by your decisions.

2. Advance Care Statements

Advance care statements is a document expressing your views, wishes and beliefs as to how you want to be treated in relation to any future health, financial or lifestyle matter. They do not provide directives for future treatment, they simply provide guidance as to your personal views.

3. Appointment of Substitute Decision Maker/s

You can appoint a substitute decision maker to make decisions on your behalf. The person/s should be someone you trust to act in your best interests. You can nominate separate decision makers for different purposes, for example, a person to manage health and lifestyle decisions and a different person to manage your financial affairs.

For more information, see Advance Care Planning Australia.

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