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Decision Assist

Over 150,000 people die each year in Australia. This means that GPs, aged care and community health care professionals regularly care for people with life limiting illnesses or approaching end of life.

Are you one of these health professional providing palliative care to people with a life limiting illness or approaching end of life?

You can talk to a specialist palliative care nurse to help you make decisions about the best approach for your patient. The specialist palliative care nurse also has access to a specialist palliative care doctor for those complex issues if required.

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Phone: 1300 668 908



The specialist palliative care phone service is part of Decision Assist, a program supporting general practitioners, aged care and community health care professionals to enable them to continue to provide high quality palliative care and end-of-life care.

The specialist palliative care phone service is provided in partnership with Palliative Care Australia and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. Specialist Palliative Care nurses and physicians operate from Caritas Christi Hospice Kew who are available to talk to you to provide advice or a sounding board to help you make the best decision for your patient.

Sometimes having a discussion with someone whose main activity is providing care for people at the end of life can help GPs and aged care staff. The discussion might be about physical symptom control, about psychosocial care or about the best way to care for someone with a terminal illness.

The specialist palliative care phone service is available 9am-8pm, seven days per week. 

The benefits to you of the specialist palliative care phone service

  • Support to provide the highest quality care for your patients or clients
  • Opportunity to market your service as having access to specialist palliative care advice 
  • Comfort to your patients or clients and their families that you have consulted with a palliative care specialist about the plan for care

A Specialist Palliative Care Nurse is waiting now to assist and advise you with your palliative care needs.

About Decision Assist

Decision Assist is an Australian Government funded project to improve access to appropriate and effective palliative care for ageing Australians.

Decision Assist consortium partners:

Decision Assist – Palliative Care Support for Aged Care television item was screened on Wednesday 29th July 2015 on the Aged Care Channel.

This can be viewed on PCA’s YouTube.

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